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CT Scan (Computer Tomography)



What is a CT Scan?

The CT Scan uses a computer and x-rays to formulate images of your body on a computer screen. These images arc acquired in a sectional format so the radiologist can see the different areas of a particular body part or organ. The CT scan exam looks at tissue and bone and can aid your physician in determining a diagnosis.

For your exam, you will be supine (lying on your back) on the CT table, which is padded, for your comfort. The exam will only take about 30-40 minutes depending on the specific test ordered by your physician.


Nothing by mouth after midnight, the night before the exam. That means nothing to eat or drink after midnight night before your scan.

For a pelvis CT scan. You will need to drink two (2) bottles of contrast total – one (1) bottle of contrast 4 hrs prior to the exam and one (1) bottle one hour after the exam.

For a CT of the abdomen. Drink one bottle of Contrast one hour before the exam.

The contrast may be picked up from Baylor Surgical hospital at Fort Worth during normal business hours.

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